Regional Guidelines on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Draft for Consultation and Comment
Version 22 August 2016

6.2 Level of public participation expected

  1. Accordingly, the minimum levels of public participation expected at the Screening step are the Inform and Consult Levels on the public participation spectrum. A positive approach to public participation at the Screening step is very important, as this will set the tone for future engagement with the public during the EIA.
  1. At the Screening step, PAP and stakeholders need first to be informed about the proposed project. This step should also enable them to provide their initial feedback and reactions to the proposed project (e.g. Consult Level), which can help the EIA Authority to make an informed decision about the form of assessment required. The final Screening decision should also be made public.
  1. The Screening meeting between the project proponent (and their EIA consultants) and the community should be as inclusive as possible. This could include community leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, indigenous peoples, and CSOs from the villages or areas that are likely to be affected by the project. This meeting is about providing information to these key people (e.g. Inform Level). This information can then be distributed to all the PAP and local CSOs. At this meeting, the information should be about the broad details of the project, the possible impacts, and the next steps in public participation and community consultation. This meeting will also help the EIA consultant identify who should be consulted in the future and what information should be provided. The cost of this meeting should be borne by the project proponent and should not be the responsibility of the community.
  1. When submitting its project proposal to the EIA Authority for Screening, the project proponent should include a brief summary of the public participation processes undertaken to date and the initial feedback received.
Table 3: Screening engagement summary

Who should be Involved?

Who is responsible for arranging the engagement?

What are the desired outcomes?

PAP at the local level and local CSOs

Relevant local authorities

Project proponent and (if already engaged) EIA consultant


Project proponent in cooperation with relevant local authorities and the local community leaders

To inform the PAP of the project and EIA process.

For proponent to collect initial feedback about the screening of the proposed project for incorporation into project and EIA preparation.

For EIA Authority to collect initial feedback about the proposed project for consideration in the Screening decision.