Regional Guidelines on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Draft for Consultation and Comment
Version 22 August 2016

6.4 Key questions for meaningful public participation at the screening step

At the end of the Screening step, the following questions should be able to be answered by the project proponent, EIA Authority, and interested stakeholders. These key questions are intended to serve as guidance to help determine if the objective of public participation in Screening has been adequately met.

Table 5: Key questions for meaningful public participation at the Screening step


Known or Completed (Y/N)


Who is the project proponent?

Who is financing the proposed project?

Who are the EIA consultants (if engaged)?

What type of project is proposed?

How much land will be required for the project? What is the current status of that land?

What plans, maps, and diagrams are available?

What are the potential key issues and impacts of the project?

What is the justification for the proposed project?

What are the draft project time-frames for construction and operation?

Who are the Project Affected People?

Who are the stakeholders?

Are there PAP and stakeholders with particular needs to be considered in public participation (e.g. ethnic groups, women, etc.)?

How can the PAP and stakeholders be identified?

Was a Screening meeting held for the local community?

Does the local community feel they had an opportunity to express their perspectives on the proposed project?

How will the PAP and other stakeholders be able to participate in the next steps of the EIA and project development processes?

Has the EIA Authority determined if an EIA is needed for this project (i.e. what is the Screening decision)?

Has the Screening decision been made publicly available?