Regional Guidelines on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Draft for Consultation and Comment
Version 22 August 2016

8. Step 3: Public Participation in the EIA Investigation and reporting

  1. Once the EIA Authority has approved the Scoping Report and ToR, the task of gathering the information and preparing the EIA Report commences. The EIA consultant holds the primary responsibility in this step to make sure that effective public participation is applied in accordance with the Public Participation Plan, and that PAP, women and vulnerable groups in particular understand the project, its consequences, and the EIA process.
  1. The Scoping step should result in:
    • establishing baseline environmental and socio-economic data;
    • identifying and evaluating impacts and project alternatives;
    • developing an Environmental Management and Mitigation Plan (EMMP); and
    • documenting the analysis, proposed approach, and findings in a draft EIA Report for consideration by stakeholders.