Regional Guidelines on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Draft for Consultation and Comment
Version 22 August 2016

8.4 Key questions for meaningful public participation at the EIA investigation and reporting step

  1. At the end of the EIA investigation, when the EIA Report (including the EMMP) has been finalized and prepared for submission to the EIA Authority, the following questions should be able to be answered by the project proponent, EIA Authority, and interested stakeholders. These key questions are intended to serve as guidance to help determine if the objective of participation in EIA Investigation and Reporting has been adequately met.
Table 11: Key questions for meaningful public participation at the EIA Investigation and Reporting step


Known or Completed (Y/N)


What were the key concerns, needs and desires of the PAP and other stakeholders regarding the project proposal?

How were these concerns, needs and desires prioritized in the EIA investigation for research and analysis?

Does the EIA Report provide sufficient information about potential negative and positive impacts of the project proposal?

Does the EIA Report comprehensively document the public participation undertaken during the EIA investigation and EIA report preparation?

How have these concerns, needs and desires been addressed in the EIA Report and EMMP (not just documentation in the public participation chapter, but how did they influence the EIA investigation and findings)?

Is there a Resettlement Action Plan and/or compensation provided for in the EIA Report?

How were stakeholder views on impact mitigation, resettlement and/or compensation considered in the preparation of the EIA Report?

Were stakeholders given an opportunity to comment on the draft EIA Report and EMMP before it was finalized?