Regional Guidelines on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Draft for Consultation and Comment
Version 22 August 2016

9. Step 4: Public Participation in the Review of the EIA Report and EMMP

  1. Following the finalization of the EIA Report and EMMP, it is formally submitted to the EIA Authority for review. The review of the EIA Report and EMMP is undertaken by the national government EIA Authority in accordance with the country’s specific national laws and regulations. The Review process needs to ensure the completeness, accuracy and quality of information contained in the EIA Report. The review is also to check that the EIA Report has addressed the Terms of Reference, followed the Public Participation Plan (and other appropriate processes), and includes an EMMP that adequately addresses the potential environmental and social impacts that have been identified. If the project proposal involves any resettlement or compensation for livelihood loss, these will also have to be reviewed by the EIA Authority (or the appropriate government authority).
  1. The EIA Authority has the primary responsibility for making sure that relevant stakeholders, sector agencies and other interested parties (e.g. technical reviewers) are involved, as appropriate, in reviewing and providing feedback on the draft EIA Report.